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The Butterfly Effect

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

I hope after you read this blog that you discover how much your life matters, today, tomorrow and forever!

Butterflies! Some people would say I am infatuated by them. Being around me for a short period of time you would probably come to the same conclusion, LOL! My butterfly passion started over a decade ago. Even though the process of my transformation was very painful I am so grateful for the results, wisdom, and knowledge I’ve gained.

In 2002, I had a strong feeling of isolation come over me, which is very odd because I am a people person. I enjoy sharing quality time with others, after all quality time is my secondary love language.

One night I had a dream that started out kind of scary. I was inside what looked like to me a body-bag for dead people. I saw myself being zipped up inside it, and I was like, Wait? What’s happening here? I suddenly woke up and I heard a voice from within say, “you are in a cocoon and you are going through the butterfly transformation… study the life of the butterfly.” This is of course a snippet of my experience but for right now I just wanted to give you somewhat of an idea of why butterflies are significant to me and where my DButterfly signature came from. We will talk more in detail about this in a later blog.

Anyhow, as I studied the transformation of the butterfly I had an epiphany that the metamorphosis they undergo is similar to the process of change we experience in life.

One day, I was walking around inside of Walmart and I saw this book ‘The Butterfly Effect' by Andy Andrews. You know I was compelled to get it, lol and wow, it really changed my perspective about myself. I highly recommend it not only as a good read but for the wisdom and confidence you can glean from it.

Andy Andrews is a well known speaker and author, at the age of nineteen he lost his mother to cancer and his dad in an automobile accident within the span of a few months. At the age of twenty-three, homeless and scared, he was given guidance in a most unusual fashion by an old man named Jones. In his author's notes inside the book he said, Jones had done nothing less than change absolutely everything about his life and future.

Below is words of wisdom from the video he created called, 'How Your Life Matters'. I usually play it at our WOW Annual Workshops. I’ve written it out for you but you can look up the video on YouTube. Read it carefully and let it enlighten your understanding and inspire you to discover more about how valuable you are!


How Your Life Matters

by Andy Andrews

How SIGNIFICANT is my life? Do I make a DIFFERENCE?

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT This story reveals the secret of how you can live a life of permanent purpose…and permanent purpose begins when you know that EVERYTHING MATTERS.

When one lives a life of permanent purpose…team chemistry thrives, and life decisions become wiser and more cautious… As a leader, manager, or co-worker, as a parent, spouse, or friend. When we understand that every action matters… Every result of our actions immediately improves… and deciding to do SOMETHING will make all the DIFFERENCE!

How far forward would we need to go in your life to show the difference you make? There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take today and tomorrow and the next day.

You have been created as one of a kind. There has never been one like you…and there never will be again. Your spirit, thoughts and feelings, your ability to reason and act all exist in no one else.

You have been created in order that you might make a difference. Your LIFE MATTER

Your actions have value far greater than silver or gold. YOUR LIFE… and what you do with it today… MATTERS FOREVER.

Wow, wasn't that good? Remember my WOW friend, YOU MATTER so Walk in Wisdom!

For more information about Andy go to


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