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Did you know that emotional pain is not equivalent to physical suffering? Have you ever tried to see if pain meds work on your emotions? Think about it pain comes from our feelings of being abused or even traumatized.

Medication treats the symptoms and is inadequate to eliminate the pain of a broken heart and mistrust.

To heal emotionally, we need to be willing to receive the truth and free ourselves from pampering our pain; it is easier to ignore things than to face them; that is what we believe, but to tell the truth when we refuse to accept the truth. The pain that eats us up from the inside will produce all kinds of physical issues. Did you know that unforgiveness is rottenness to our bones? The first three things we should do towards emotional healing are to acknowledge the hurt, recognize where it came from, and choose to let it go.

Abusive pain goes inside, but healing pain comes out when we learn to cooperate with the healing process. Forgiving ourselves and the abuser is the key to longevity, peace, and happiness.

One method that will help us is to write a letter of forgiveness to ourselves and the abuser: do not mail the letter; rip it up in little pieces as an act of getting rid of the pain, it will take ‘our want to’ to heal and a desire to be free; when we are holding on to the pain, the pain controls us. Refusal will always be a roadblock to our freedom and full potential.

Letting go of past hurts and failures is like fixing broken wings; we will fly higher, have a better viewpoint of life, and use the wisdom we’ve gained from that situation.

Say this with me, “I will let go of every person and everything that happened to me today and everything that was stolen from me I take it back. My value, my worth, and my dignity is mine.” KEEP repeating it until you are convinced, I am proud of you!

Walk in Wisdom,

Dorarena aka DButterfly

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