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Old Fashioned or Not?

Everyone seems to dress as they please and there is really no true standard for what is proper anymore, is it?

What do you consider ‘Old Fashioned’? Surely what we wear has to change with the times, - right? What about our hairstyles? Absolutely! Our hair is a must change.

Some may ask, “What difference does it make anyway”- right? Everyone seems to dress as they please and there is really no true standard for what is proper anymore, is it?

Well, some things will and should always change - especially things that need improvement, but there are some things that should never change, old fashioned or not. Who’s to say what old fashioned is? We all need food, drink, clothing, and shelter to survive, but what about principles and values? Is not kissing on a first date old fashioned? This, my friend, is a matter of wisdom and self-regard, not the latest obsession. Deep down inside we all have a desire to be loved and respected and this will never change. But we have neglected the fact that the same principles and values that are required by love and respect must not change as well. Old fashioned or not, wisdom will always require a certain action in order for it to be a wise decision.

Ladies, it’s like arithmetic: two plus two will always equal four, kissing leads to sex, and sex before marriage usually leads to no marriage and babies in a one parent home. Society has proven this fact. Look around you and evaluate it for yourself. When it became ‘old fashioned’ to be a virgin before marriage, one-parent homes became the norm and two-parent homes became rare. Wisdom uses knowledge to its greatest advantage, which results in honor and peace of mind. What good is knowledge if you don’t know how to apply it correctly? It all begins with our perception - the way we think about things. We really should determine our own values and stop allowing everyone else to decide what is right for us. Check within your own heart. WISDOM will always have the best solution and outcome for your life and situation. To be continued….

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