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“I would definitely want to come back to this event, not just because it was a lot of women sharing empowering stories, but the energy was so high in the room it was really good. You come from having a bad day or something going on and you come to this event and it makes you feel light and airy and gives you so much hope and positivity. I will come back again and would tell anyone to come back again because it’s great.”   


— Ilana, age 17

Workshop photo

" The one thing I want to take home with me is the 'Caterpillar to Butterfly'. It talked about the struggles that we have and just staying in the process of that transformation. When you transform into a butterfly it's basically a life changing experience."

WOW 2017

-Ms. T  

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"I really enjoyed being able to attend all of the different Break-Out sessions, the fellowship, and the opportunity to meet new people. The conference has allowed me to Reevaluate All the Relationships in my life and to especially take a Deeper look at the Soul- Ties in my life,  Thank you!"  2021

— Stephanie; Omaha, NE

Workshop photo

"Thank you so much for inviting me to the WOW conference. My daughter and I both enjoyed it a lot and got so much out of it. My daughter really responded to what one of the older ladies had to say to her and took her words to heart. We both want to come back next year and my daughter wants to bring her friend who lost her mom. All the speakers were fantastic but it was actually the interaction and participation of the ladies in the meeting that ministered the most. Thank you!" 


-- April, Valentine, NE


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Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the WOW Crowned with Confidence Tea Party and for all of the work that went into putting it together! I always leave with something that I do use to grow myself and help others.

M. Govan "2023"

WoW Workshop

"The WOW conference was amazing! I usually get bored easily at conferences. However, Dorarena and her staff kept the meeting flowing. The speakers were both entertaining and informative. I received life-altering information to share with the at forgotten women we mentor in our day program. I look forward to the next

WOW Conference. 

  - KB

WOW Workshop

"I would just like to say, Thank you! You or someone from your organization handed my daughter...a card while she was at work...I've searched the vision and goals for Women of Wisdom and I think it's a true Blessing! May God continue to Bless the hands of those putting in the work and time to Encourage, Help, and pour into Our young girls in this day and age. God Bless" -SRN from NE


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