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The High-Class Caterpillar

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Once upon a time, there was a caterpillar named, Ms. Anne. She was such a cute little caterpillar, but no one had ever explained to her that growing and shedding skin was a normal thing for a caterpillar. She would eat and eat and eat until she was so big; she was too big for her skin. Furthermore, she thought to herself, “I'm getting too big I better stop eating so much”, but she had such a huge appetite she just could not help herself. Not only that, but she thought, “Something must be wrong with me because I just cannot stop eating.” Not knowing or understanding who she was she complained, “This is starting to really get out of control, I've shed four times already, and now I must force myself to stop growing, I cannot shed anymore.”

Little did Ms. Anne know a transformation awaited her, but she decided this was the life for her, and she was not going to grow anymore. “What’s next? Is this all there is to life? Oh well, I'll manage”, she said to herself. As time continued and other caterpillars around her started to change, she worked really hard to remain the same. Starving herself and trying to maintain her size she became proud of herself. She decided, “I'm going to be the first high-class caterpillar.” Day after day she started becoming weary from not eating; for eating was the proper thing to do in order for her big chance to come. Ms. Anne was unaware that she only had one more shedding stage to go through before transformation would happen. Crawling around on the ground and looking thin she thought was the best thing for her, she could not see herself doing any better than that. Besides, she believed she was going to be the first high-class caterpillar.

One early morning she started feeling so sick she went to see a caterpillar physician named, Dr. Wise-up. He told her, “Why Ms. Anne you are sick because you need to go through your last shedding stage, you need to go into hiding to develop into the new you.” He knew what she would transform into, but he didn't want her trying to become something just because of what he said. Not only that, but he knew it was important for her to know for herself who she will become. Ms. Anne told Dr. Wise-up, “Thank you, doctor, I will take your advice, for no one has ever told me that before.” She went out of the doctor's office rejoicing!

Ms. Anne was so relieved to hear the good news. She thought to herself the whole idea of being a high-class caterpillar was foolish, to think that I've been starving myself when I could have been eating all along. She started back eating and eating and growing and growing until she gained her strength back. Well, guess what? She had her last experience shedding. Ms. Anne automatically knew what to do at that point, if she had just kept eating and growing she would have saved herself from having a huge doctor bill. After taking Dr. Wise-up's advice she used her old skin to form a chrysalis and transformed literally everything about herself. She turned into a beautiful butterfly, changed her name to Queen Anne, sharpened her wings, and began to fly around pollinating her story. Queen Anne encouraged other caterpillars to keep growing and never stop, but if you do go see Dr. Wise-up he'll help you out, and you will change too if you continue to keep growing and never stop. The End!


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